How can I make golf club grips more tacky?

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4 Responses to “How can I make golf club grips more tacky?”

  • Old Timer/Pops/Papa:

    Depending on how old they are, use an old pot scrubber and a mild detergent and scrub them clean, then dry with a towel.
    If buying new grips is not in the budget, go to a sporting goods store and buy Tennis Racket Tape and apply it to your old grips after cleaning them.

    But, You can buy new grips for around 2 bucks a piece and put them on yourself. Buying all 14 at the same time is cheaper than buying them individually.

  • Maria:

    You could put pine tar or another "baseball bat" product on them.

    You also could buy a new grip for about $15 and replace the old smooth grip.

  • Ummmmm:

    you could try playing on days where the humidity is high

  • Luke:

    sand paper them

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